Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Waiting for the Rains….

It’s almost mid June still there is no sign of the rains. Usually in Mumbai it starts raining from around the 10th of June. The weather people keep on extending the date of the first showers week after week. They say the rains are delayed due to the cyclone Aila. Sometimes I feel weather prediction is quite similar to fortune telling sometimes you hit and sometimes u miss.. 
Even though I don’t like the rains so much as I am a outdoor type of a person and don’t like to sit at home much, I look forward to the monsoons. It comes as a welcome relief after the hot summers. Also many beautiful things happen during the monsoon period.
With the advent of the monsoons the Gulmohar tree starts flowering, it looks so beautiful with the orange flowers in full bloom. Then when the first drops of the rain fall the sweet fragrance which emanates from the earth is simply awesome…I don’t have words to describe that. I am sure many of you will need no description of that feeling. I always love to take a deep breath when this scent’s on, its as if I to wish to bottle it up inside my lungs. Then there is the garam chai and pakoda which tastes better during the rains. Also we can’t forget the butta(corn) during the rains even they taste awesome. How peaceful it is to sit with a cup of tea or coffee and watch the rains and listen to the rhythmic sound of the falling raindrops. I can still remember when we were kids how we used to go and play in the rain, it used to be so much fun.
The surroundings which become barren during the summer once again come to life with new plants coming to life. It’s as if a green carpet is being laid on the surface of the earth. I remember the bus journeys from Mumbai to Pune during my studying days during the rainy season climate used to be so pleasant and all the hills looked so beautiful. I used to feel during the summer the hills were similar to a bald man, but once the rains come it regains its hair i.e green cover. The hill tops would be covered in clouds and sometimes also the roads, it all looks so good. Then there are numerous waterfalls which come on the way which are truly a wonderful sight to behold. I will be missing those bus journeys now that I am back in Mumbai.
Another thing I like about the monsoon is the lightening specially the ones that occur during the night. They just turn the night into day for few seconds. I love the different patterns they from. Some day I wish to photograph them.
I wish I could write a poem about the beauty of rains, but this is the best I can do…..and hope it starts raining soon…

PS: I seem to have written this blog very crudely please bear with me….

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

On a long drive.....

In of my earlier posts I had mentioned that I had not got my joining date and was worried about it, well I got my joining date last week and its 6th of July. So finally I was relieved that I got some kind of confirmation from them. I think I did not share with you all that I brought a new bike Yamaha FZ-16 red and black colour. I will tell you about the first long ride I had on the bike with my sis..
There is stretch of road in Navi Mumbai called as the Palm Beach Road, it’s a real pleasure driving in those roads as they really very wide, there is greenery one side and buildings on the other side, less traffic. Actually the greenery is the mangroves which cover one side of the road and after the mangroves is the sea. So the breeze is quite nice while u ride on that road especially on a two wheeler. Driving a bike on these kinds of road gives such pleasure, like the feel of the wind ruffling through your hair, the adrenaline rush you get when we increase the throttle the bike just goes zooomm….I am sure avid bikers would agree with me.
On this road there is a particular area where there is a small lake and a small pathway beside the road where people can walk. It was around 7.00 in the evening and the sun had just set when we sat near the lake side. I could see the lights coming up in many of the nearby homes the sunlight started fading away. It was such a peaceful place with the occasional sound of the speeding traffic. A light breeze was on which was just enough to make tiny ripples on the surface of the water. It’s such a wonderful sight to see. I felt like lying down on the ground and staring at the stars above, but alas the times we live in because of the electric lights we use so much, the lights of the stars are not bright enough, even though it was a full moon we could not even enjoy the moonlight. How I wished I could be in a place where there was no street lights only me and nature to beckon with. Still the sight of the electric lights shimmering on the surface of the lake made me happy. It was nice to chat sitting there enjoying the view.
It was a nice change for us as we were bored of going to the malls again and again for timepass. There is nothing like nature as compared to man-made wonders, as nature pleases the heart while a man-made wonder pleases the sight. Nature has a soothing effect on the soul.
Hope we preserve this wonderful gift for the future generations to come……