Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I m back!!!!

Hii, friends I m back a after a long hiatus, actually i had my exams so could not write anything.
Well don't ask me how were my exams...as usual they were a disaster barring a few subjects.

I always have dis problem in the exams, where the Profs. ask exactly the topics that i have not studied or for which i devoted very less time...so overall had a ok ok''' examination.
got only 2 days hols after the exams...life's again back to the freaking boring routine. Attending lectures, sleeping during those times...

Only good thing is I got my uniform and I-card for the Commonwealth Youth Games in Pune. I m volunteering for it, got work in the VIP lounge in the Athletics Stadium. For the uniform i got two pairs of t-shirts and and two cargos Kool naa...So next week will njoyable as the games are from Oct 12-18th. You can check out the website for more info:

Wat else to write man..i m feeling too angry and bored to write abt anything..my mind's not working properly...
so thts all folks!!!!!