Saturday, November 29, 2008

Finally the Terrorist Siege Ends....Time for Action

Finally the mayhem at Mumbai ends after a fight which lasted for about an 62 hours...
As the pictures of the carnage carried out by the terrorist came on the TV i have been caught in a range of emotions from anger to sadness to a feeling of Helpness. About a 200 people killed and around 400 injured the destruction to one of Iconic bldgs in Mumbai..."The Taj Mahal Heritage Hotel" Did you know that the Taj was built before the Gate of India? Its one of most famous landmarks in Mumbai.
I just wish that we bring back the Taj to its earlier granduer as soon as possible.
But it was nice to see the ppl of Mumbai demanding action, not like the earlier times when we just used to say about the ''Spirit of Mumbai'' and get back to our life. people have realised that Enough is Enough as said by Shoba de. We really need the change of leadership people who can lead us from the front..who are selfless in their thoughts... Even we voter's have to take more responsibility we should all go for voting and after the elected party comes into power make them more accountable...
Its high time we saw action from the Indian Goverment. We should not care about the Ind0-Pak relations getting harmed....or the peace process getting hampered...We don't need to fight this proxy war anymore...we should state them in clear terms...that INDIA will not tolerate this any longer.
For the present atleast these actions can be taken by the Government.
Atleast destroy the terrorist camps in POK.
Upgrade the military poweress.

Wether its
the BJP government or the Congress government in matters of National Security they should come togather and not fight with each. I am sure the Indian Public does not care which government comes into Power what we need a tough stand by the government.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Oh not again..Terror strikes MUMBAI!!

Just when we thought that Mumbai is out of the attack of terrorists, here comes an attack at Mumbai the financial hub of the country..This attack has come as a shocker because of the apparent ease with which the terrorists brought Ak-47's grenades etc..from where they get the funds the arms and ammunition etc.
This again show the glaring ineptitude of the intellegence agencies in forseeing the plans of an attack. Why isn't even a major attack pre-empted and stopped before it can actually happen? I can understand that its difficult to avert such attacks... but still having to face them again and again is such a terrible thing...there is the huge lose of, peace, people panic there is suspicsion against a particular community...there is a loss of trust ...Inspite of this after somedays we again forget these things and come to our old self...The security will be tight for a few days then it will be lax again...
What we need is a powerful and influential leader who can take control of the situation. Improve the security of the country. We should not depend upon technology only for the defence of the country but we need more Human intel i.e more penetration into these terror groups...I sitting in my room and telling all this will be easy...but to put into practice is difficult...but we can't go on facing such terror attacks.

We also need to check y such indian terror organisations are coming up? How can a guy kill his fellow beings? Is he brainwashed to such an extent that it makes no difference to him??
I always wonder does'nt their hands tremble when he presses the trigger or while planting bombs.
Its true Man is capable of anything he can go to any extremes to acheive his objectives.