Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Visit to Kharghar Hills!!!

Let me share with you a wintry morning in January I spent on the top of Kharghar hills. First of all let me tell you where Kharghar Hills are located. They are a part of the hills covering CBD Belapur on the northwest side and its accessible from the road running parallel to Sion-Panvel Highway. These hills have been declared as a nature park by NMMC and is open from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm. Thanks to the motorable road, you can lose yourself to the bosom of the hill in half-hour ride, which winds up to the top of hill. I started from my home at about 6.00 am on my bike. It was a really nice ride, what with the temperatures well below 20° C, winding roads and greenery on both the sides. I reached the top of the hills at around 6.30 am and the sky was flush with the pre-dawn light. It was really a beautiful sight to behold, which made me happy that I got up early on weekend. The sunrise began at about 6.53 am which gave another colour to the sky as the first rays of the sun began to emerge from the fog and the sound of the birds chirping in the calmness if the hills. The whole of Kharghar city was covered in a faint mist, which added to the beauty of it all. When the sun had risen a bit more a creek became visible and the rays reflecting from the waters were simply an awesome view. I just sat on a stone spell bound with the magic nature was playing out in front of me. It was simply enthralling to view the myriad of changing colours as the sun began to rise. Truly nature is able to soothe the tired soul with its beauty, especially for people like us who stay in a concrete jungle. I just felt at peace with myself and very much rejuvenated. I feel that we all should take time out of our busy schedules and spend time to admire the nature around us, believe it works wonders on you!!!!